What is The Fellowship of the Least Coin?

The Fellowship of the Least Coin is a world-wide ecumenical movement of prayer for peace, justice and reconciliation. Through this movement Christian women around the world seek fellowship with each other and are reminded to live a reconciled and forgiving life with others.

Glimpses of 31st ICFLC Annual Meeting in Lebanon

On October 16-21, 2011, the ICFLC held its Annual Meeting at the Dhour Choueir Evangelical Center, 1250 meters above the ocean level, 30 km. from Beirut City. The AM was hosted by The Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East (UAECNE) on behalf of MECC, with Esther Kilaghbian as lead organizer.

Community immersion and visit to some FLC-supported projects:


Visit at Svartnotz Center for Mentally Challenged Learners
Fellowship with Mothers at Jinishian Project
The daily sessions during the AM were started with Morning prayer and Bible studies led respectively by Dr. Donald and Mrs. Cyra Goertzen, Dr. Mary Mikhael, and Mrs. Najla Kassab.
Dr. Mary Michael, a former ICFLC member,
leading Bible Study.
The two Lenas, ICFLC AM young
women observers

Ecumenical Organizations’ Reports – a time of sharing women issues in the region, response of ecumenical organization, how FLC is able to help and how FLC is promoted in the region.
Shirley Maginley, Chairperson, and Catherine Yamina Apolinaris of CLAI Marguirite Carter of CWU-USA; Lena Gyarmathy,Vice-Chairperson; Moon Sook Lee of ACWC reporting
Yamina Apolinaris of CLAI
Marguirite Carter of CWU-USA; Lena
Reports from the Pacific     ,                                       Africa                          and                          Europe             
Celebrating the birthday of Devika Ukwatte of ACWC and the Dr. Linda Banks of CCC and Annette Poitier
of WDPIC wedding anniversary of Pat and Sonny
Bridal Shower organized by Pat and Sonny Allinson for Palig youth steward and Esther’s daughter,
Annette rendering a song accompanied by Shan, Esther’s son.
Closing Worship led by Yamina: Shirley and Yamina; Annette and Donna sharing the bread of life in solidarity
Margurite Carter and Lee Moon Sook drinking the water of healing
Closing prayer led by Rev. Robert Maginley

The ICFLC Annual Meeting is a time for business concerns as well as a time for building community and strengthening spirituality of ecumenical women leaders from all the regions of the world. The ICFLC members represent FLC women who have faithfully prayed for justice, peace and reconciliation and set aside their least coins taken care of by WCC Finance Team. For 2012, prayers and least coins are to support women’s program of 12 participating ecumenical organizations; 41 women projects for justice and peace; and 5 young women scholars. “May the Lord give you increase, both you and your children.” (Psalm 115:14 NRSV)