What is The Fellowship of the Least Coin?

The Fellowship of the Least Coin is a world-wide ecumenical movement of prayer for peace, justice and reconciliation. Through this movement Christian women around the world seek fellowship with each other and are reminded to live a reconciled and forgiving life with others.

The 32nd ICFLC Annual Meeting in Bahamas

On October 12-20, 2012, the International Committee for the Fellowship of the Least Coin (ICFLC) came to the Bahamas where the sun always shines, for its 32nd Annual Meeting. Hosted by the World Day of Prayer National Committee led by Annette Poitier (coordinator), Sr. Annie Thompson (liaison) and Vernita Davis (Bahamas WDP president), the Annual Meeting was an affirmation of the Bahamian women’s almost 30 years of practice of Fellowship of the Least Coin, a business meeting, a contextual encounter, and spiritual experience among ecumenical friends. The whole event was on the theme “Solidarity that brings healing.”

Twenty-two Bahamian women, from YWCA led by Rosalie Fawkes and WDP, joined the ICFLC in an FLC workshop on our first day, October 13. We shared women stories and prayers, FLC experiences, reflection and promotion of ecumenical prayer for justice, peace and reconciliation in small groups and in plenary. As an outcome the Bahamian sisters decided to have an FLC National Committee which will focus on the promotion of FLC in the churches and their least coins will be sent direct to the FLC Fund in Geneva.

Visit to the Governor General Sir Arthur Alexander Foulkes
Visit to the prime minister, Hon. Perry Christie.

As Shirley represented the ICFLC in two anniversary celebrations—of Church Women United and of Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women-- the ICFLC received her report and reports from the executive secretary, honorary treasurer and from all the participating ecumenical organizations with much appreciation. The ICFLC expressed gratitude to the World Council of Churches Finance Team-- to Elaine Dykes, WCC Finance Director, Yasmina Visinand, treasurer, and to Rosemarie Peclard, who has already retired—for all the work of love that they have done for FLC.

The ICFLC prayerfully studied and allocated grants for 37 women projects for justice and peace for the year 2013. A special grant for the WCC Pre-Assembly Women’s Meeting in Busan was approved. (ICFLC will also be attending the event since our 2013 AM will be in Korea.) Three young women respectively coming from Thailand, Cuba and Tuvalu will receive FLC Scholarship Award for Young Women.

What is new in this 32nd ICFLC AM is the decision to make an FLC book for children. In 2010, we started with the FLC Scholarship Award for Young Women and support for young women in the ecumenical movement. 2012 is widening our circle of prayer for justice, peace and reconciliation to children. With the help of Susan Jackson-Dowd the concept paper was finished and approved. With much help from the PW we hope to launch the book in Manila by 2014.

As we face the year anew, the ICFLC unanimously and with joy elected Rev. Yamina Apolinaris of Puerto Rico (CLAI) to serve as Chairperson for two years and Rev. Dr. Asinate Samate of Tonga (Pacific Conference of Churches) as Vice-Chair for a year.

With much gratitude to FLC Women, Convenors, Officers, former ICFLC Members, to our Hosts and to all who have prayed and worked to make the 32nd Annual Meeting a success. And most of all, to our Holy God whose mercy and grace brought us all to the Bahamas, gave us strength and wisdom and kept us safe through the meeting.

Cora Tabing-Reyes
ICFLC Executive Secretary